• Become a System-Partner of STRAMAT Vertriebs GmbH!

    A company active throughout Europe in the field of road marking and road renovation technology. Are you looking for a responsible job as a System-Partner of STRAMAT? Check out our platform for new opportunities!
  • Machines for road marking, demarcation and drying of substrates . . .

    We supply road marking companies, cities / municipalities and industry across Europe.
  • Road marking paints, special paints for floor markings and coatings . . .

    For road marking, cycle path coatings, hall markings, surface coatings, etc.
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STRAMAT Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 2006. Initially started as a part-time job, the company quickly developed into a "full-time job!"

At the start we were the sales partner of Basler Lacke AG from Switzerland (the first supplier). We scored with high quality road marking paints and above all with Bascorep potting compound. The portfolio with marking and demarking machines quickly grew.

Today, as a full-service provider, we try to be a contact person for the customer for all required products. We are also happy to take on customer challenges in order to find a product for a specific problem.

Thanks to our SEO-optimized shop-website , we now have customers in many European countries.

Our entry at the Chamber of Commerce.